New York 2011: Binding Together IV

Binding Together
was used Friday, September 9, 2011 at ASMA, when 300 people of all faiths came together for a night of remembrance, ASMA Newsletter.

Binding Together
ble fredag 24. mars 2011 overlevert til organisasjonen ASMA (American Society of Muslim Advancement) New York City (NYC) av Oslo domkirkes konfirmanter som fikk rollen å være Amnestyambassadører.

Teppet ble ca. 4.5 x 8 m, eller ca. 40 m2. Kanskje består det av mer enn 300.000 knuter. Les rapporten: 2011 Rapport 24 mai

ASMA- Events says:
From Norway to New York- Christian Teenagers from Oslo Cathedral, present ASMA with a rug symbolizing the interconnectedness amongst all humanity. The rug was made in the Cathedral by ordinary Norwegians who brought their own shreds of fabric to knot them together. This impressive rug measuring 21 feet and 220 pounds was gifted to ASMA for its commitment to interfaith relations.

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